Stars and Other Monsters: An Upcoming Novel by Phronk

Fuck vampires. Fuck all the movies. Fuck all the TV shows. Fuck the endless barrage of books. All this vampire crap is getting tiresome. No more.

Hmm, maybe it could go out with a bang though. Okay, maybe let’s get one last fucking vampire novel out of our system. One bloody enough to wash away the taste of all this Hollywood vampire horseshit.

June 13th. That’s when Stars and Other Monsters comes out. The last vampire novel.

It’s about a guy and his dog, who together form the perfect paparazzi team. It’s about a vampire who needs to track down her movie star crush. It’s about all of their lives smashing together in horrible ways.

Mark your calendar. Buy Stars and Other Monsters on June 13th at electronic book store Amazon dot com.  Add it on Goodreads today.  Read more about it here. Follow @Phronk on Twitter for updates.

Leave a review and your quote could be featured on the cover.

Stay tuned for more promotional bullshit that I’m hoping will draw attention to the book. I need attention. To be a star is to be loved.


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